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Today is kind of a huge day for me and it’s nothing to do with comics (although looking forward to Batman and Batgirl #0) or anything to do with Apple. For 23 years, fellow supporters of Liverpool F.C. were blamed for the Hillsborough disaster in which 96 fans died. Despite things like the Taylor report showing that the blame should have been for the police and the owners of the ground who didn’t have an up to date safety certificate. Pretty much everyone in Liverpool knew the truth. But the majority seemed to care more about the lies a certain newspaper owned by Murdoch decided to run with.

For years the families of those who’ve died have strived to get justice for their loved ones but continually they were ignored and denied. But they never gave up and we never gave up either. And finally after a bit of hope when the independent panel was brought in, all their hard work has come out today and finally the country can see the truth. The truth that police doctored their own evidence to paint themselves in a better light and tarnish those of the fans. That the 3:15 cut off was wrong because 41 of the 96 could have been potentially saved after that time. This shows that the inquest was a sham, and now that’s know, there has to be a new inquest. The people responsible for this need to be punished.

Now we have the truth, there can be justice. Once we have justice, there can be peace.


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